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The Author: Stephanie Bloom

"Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." Stephanie has certainly taken Joseph Campbell's inspiring directive to heart. Since graduating from Northwestern University and The American University Washington College of Law, Stephanie followed her heart into a variety of fields, but realized her bliss was still amiss. Feeling lost and discouraged, yet so full of potential, Stephanie wrote A Place to Grow - the award-winning story of a tiny seed floating from place to place looking for its special place to grow.

Committing this personal journey to paper was just the creative catalyst she needed. Full of passionate determination, untold stories and a longstanding dream of writing for children, Stephanie moved cross-country to Los Angeles where a new door soon opened and she began working as a screenwriter for family entertainment and a content creator for educational curriculum and interactive media.

After the publication of A Place to Grow and the launch of similarly branded children's play-and-learn areas in shopping malls throughout the country, Stephanie wrote The Drummer Who Lost His Beat which was featured in SONY's top selling PlayStation series NBA Featuring The Life for its universally inspiring message. In 2016, The Drummer was published in Korean. Additionally, A Place to Grow sprouted into an award-winning app including an interactive storybook, games and an animated cartoon.

Having formed Bloom & Grow, Inc., a creative content development and publishing company, Stephanie remains actively committed to developing innovative, high-quality educational curriculum and entertainment that enriches the lives of kids, families and the communities in which they live. Stephanie, her husband Steven and their family are gratefully enjoying their journey, sharing lots and lots of LOVE and LAUGHTER.

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